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Teeth Scaling and Root Planing

A Traditional Approach to Gum Healthy in Newton Centre, MA

Dr. Barrett is an expert in periodontal health who provides several different treatments for the health of the gums. This includes the most basic, proven treatment for reducing the effects of gum disease: a periodontal deep cleaning. Kathleen E. Barrett DMD, PC provides scaling and root planing services to the people of Newton, Needham, Brookline, and the surrounding communities.

Teeth Scaling

Gum disease is caused when plaque builds up on teeth, and it worsens when that plaque continues to build up and harden into tartar. The first step to eliminating gum disease is to clear away this buildup from the teeth where gum disease is present. 

Scaling is the removal of built-up calculus from the teeth where gum disease is expressed. Dr. Barrett uses a specialized tool to fully remove all plaque and tartar above and below the gum line. This is important because gum disease does not only eat away at the gums but deteriorates the jaw bone if it is allowed to spread, resulting in the loss of teeth. Teeth scaling prevents the gum and bone structure from becoming too weak to support your smile.

Root Planing

Removing the plaque is only half of the traditional deep cleaning treatment. As the gums deteriorate, they create a space between themselves and the affected tooth. Unless this space is closed, gum disease can reoccur. This is especially troubling when considering that gum disease is linked to several cardiac and dietary health conditions, like diabetes. If you have gum disease or diabetes, then you have an increased risk of the developing the other condition.

This is why Dr. Barrett's office performs root planing as part of the periodontal deep cleaning. Planing is the act of smoothing out the structure of the tooth, particularly near the roots, after it was roughened by the presence of tartar. The smoothed surface encourages the healing gums to grow back onto the tooth, closing the pocket and reducing the likelihood of recurrent gum disease.

Why Dr. Barrett?

While a periodontist like Dr. Barrett certainly knows how to provide scaling and planing, many general dentists also advertise that they can provide this service. However, as a specialist, Dr. Barrett provide a greater level of care in this procedure than a general dentist can. Her specialized training lets her perform this procedure in a comfortable, thorough, and effective manner. 

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