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Gum and Jawbone Corrective Treatments

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Gum and Jawbone Corrective Treatments

Your teeth rely on your gums and jaw bones to be healthy. As a periodontal practice, we offer several services to bolster these supporting structures and keep your smile as healthy as possible. Kathleen E. Barrett DMD, PC provides several gum and jawbone corrective treatments to patients in Newton, Needham, Brookline, and the surrounding communities.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Because it is so common, it can be easy to forget how harmful gum disease is. In particular, periodontitis is devastating because it leads to the recession of the gums. When gum tissue is lost, the likelihood of tooth decay, tooth loss, and several other health problems increase.

Soft tissue grafting is used to restore the gums after periodontitis occurs. We are able to replace lost tissue with Alloderm®, thereby reversing many of the effects of gum disease and so protecting the jawbone.

Pocket Reduction

Pocket reduction surgery becomes necessary when the periodontal pocket—the space between teeth and gum tissue that forms as a result of periodontitis—becomes too deep to clean effectively. During this procedure, Dr. Barrett moves tissue away from the root to remove any tartar present below the gum line. Once these steps are complete, the gum tissue is closed around the tooth, closing the pocket and thereby slowing the advance of gum disease.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is the precise removal of excess gum tissue to allow more of the tooth to become visible. It can be a cosmetic procedure used to help healthy teeth look their best, but Dr. Barrett can also use it as a preparatory step for restorative procedures your dentist may need to perform. Creating this space between the tooth and the supplying supporting structures can allow a filling or crown to be placed with better esthetics and a greater likelihood of success.  

Bone Grafting and Osseodentification

One of the most effective restorations for lost teeth is the dental implant, which replaces the tooth from root to cusp. However, in order to have Dr. Barrett place the post that serves as a new root for the tooth, you must have a certain amount of bone density.

Our practice provides two procedures to help patients who otherwise could not receive dental implants attain these restorations: bone grafting and osseodentification. If your lower jaw must be thickened for implants, Dr. Barrett grafts additional bone material to the jaw bone. If your upper jaw requires more bone mass, then osseodentification is used; this procedure reshapes the bone without grafting more material, making it thicker in the areas where the implant post will be placed.

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Kathleen E. Barrett DMD, PC helps patients from the City of Newton and all nearby communities repair their smile through several gum and jawbone corrective procedures. To find out how else a fully-specialized periodontist can save your smile, call our office today!

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