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Fully Guided Implant Surgery

Rebuilding Your Smile in Newton Centre, MA

Dental implants are one of the most versatile and effective ways to replace missing teeth. Dr. Barrett handles the first phase of this treatment, and the planning she performs helps make sure that the implants you receive fit your smile. Kathleen E. Barrett DMD, PC performs fully guided implant placement in Newton, Needham, Brookline, and the surrounding communities.

Planning Your Implants

The first step in receiving dental implants is to properly plan out where the implants will be placed. Dr. Barrett is able to create an effective plan through our use of our office’s imaging technology.

The imaging tools we use to plan your implant surgery measure the depth, width, and length of the placement site. As precise as these images are, we use every opportunity to compare multiple taken images to verify their accuracy; this meticulous care allows enables a more effective placement of the implant post. From these images, a schematic is sent to the dental laboratory, where the implant parts are made for an exact placement.

Placing the Implant Posts

Once the implant guides are made, Dr. Barrett then performs the placement surgery. The device we use for implant placement follows an established plan completely, guiding the implants to exactly where they need to be.

The amount of care taken during this step is necessary because the implant post grants the overall implant its strength; it is effectively an artificial tooth root. If this root is out of place, the implant will not be as strong or effective as you need.

After the Implants Are Placed

You then undergo a healing period, during which the implants integrate with the jaw bone. After this integration is complete, your general dentist adds the restoration to the implants, completing the implant process.

 These porcelain restorations can replace one tooth to an entire arch of teeth, depending upon your particular needs. The implant posts placed by Dr. Barrett will make sure that the restoration functions as effectively as your original teeth did.

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Kathleen E. Barrett DMD, PC provides fully guided implants placement in Newton, assisting patients from our community and the surrounding areas regain a completely healthy smile. For more information about how our periodontal practice can keep you healthy, call us today!

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